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I want to have a little girl, I’ll name her Charlene and I’ll be the only one who gets to call her Charlie. I want to kiss her little head the day she’s born and sing along to “Just the two of us” with teary eyes. I want to hold her fragile little hands in mine, breath into them and whisper into her ear and watch her smile.

I want to run to her room every morning and play with her before I leave for work.

I want to stare at her picture on my desk and remind myself who I’m doing this for, I want to come home to her and hear her voice yell out “Daddy”. I want to read her bedtime stories and watch her cheeks as she yawns and falls asleep.

I want to build sandcastles and walk along the beach with her hand in mine, I want to watch her scamper off to class every morning when I take her to school and watch her run back to the car when it’s time to close. I want to tell her I love her every night and day.

I want to be mad at her, i want to be scared for her, I want to shed tears just thinking about how much of a blessing she is to me. I want to be there for her, I want her to always know Daddy loves her no matter how dark the days get and no matter how mad she thinks I am at any given time.

I want to help her pack when it’s time to move out, I want to miss her when she meets someone and falls in love and calls me on the phone to say she’s still Daddy’s little girl.

I want to walk her down the aisle, I want to give her away and feel my heart break knowing that someone else will try just as hard as me to put a smile on her face everyday. I want her to know that I won’t always be here and let her know that no matter what happens, life goes on. I want her to become the brave, wise and beautiful woman I know she is destined to be.

I want her to fight me and not let me hold her back. She won’t always know which way to go but she will always know that she can come to me. Finally, I want her to always remember where she comes from.

I love you Charlie, even before God sent you to me I already shed tears thinking about you, I love you now and forever. Daddy’s little girl.

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